The Wilderness Story

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The Wilderness Story

Post by Hannah B. on Fri Sep 19, 2008 5:16 pm

Hi, everyone. My sister, Sierra, wrote this story. She's ten and she wanted me to put it on here. It's about her and three friends. Two of them go to HOFCC, and the other one went to science class with her. The only thing I changed was spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It's ok to laugh at it, she has some really cute stuff in there.

The Wilderness Story

“This is a great hide out!” exclaimed ten year old Sierra; they had just finished a tree fort they had been working on for a couple of days. “A great view too!” said Rachel Ann Woolsey. Rachel Ann, who is nine, had long blond hair and blue eyes. In her yard was an oak tree which the tree fort was in. Sierra had short brown hair and blue eyes and was very lively. “Wouldn’t it be cool if we lived in the wilderness?” said Kyle Patterson. “Hey! Maybe when we grow up we will be able to”, said Jared Glahn.


“I can’t wait until we get there!” said Sierra who is now eighteen. “Me neither”, said Rachel Ann. Jared stopped the car at a horse farm, (In case you are wondering, they are getting rid of the car) and bought four horses, then got rid of the car because they didn’t need it anymore. “Why did you get horses?” Kyle questioned. “It is still a long ways away, so I bought horses to ride instead of a car”, Jared explained. “Good idea!” Rachel Ann said. “I claim the black one!” said Sierra. And they set off. A few hours later they were there. “Who’s ready for a swim?” asked Sierra. “Me!” they all said. So they changed into cooler clothes, (In privacy, of course) and dived into the lake. “Ahhhh”, Sierra said, “How refreshing!” “I agree”, said Rachel Ann. Meanwhile the horses were drinking thirstily. “What should we do with the horses?” Sierra asked. “Send them back”, Jared said, “But how?” “They probably know the way home. I’ll tell them to go home.” Sierra said. She got out of the water and told the horses to go home and they understood and left. “Well, that takes care of that’, she said while getting back in the lake. “What about food?” Rachel Ann asked. Fishing was the reply, “And hunting too”, Jared added. “Who wants to play water tag?” Kyle asked, changing the subject. “I do!” they all said. “One, two, three, not it!” they said. “You’re it, Sierra”, Kyle said. “Not anymore!’ she said, touching Rachel Ann on the shoulder. They got out tired, but content.

Sierra had gotten out an hour before to fix supper. “It sure smells good!” Kyle said, coming out of the bushes from changing. “Good,” she said, “You will eat a good supper.” Then Rachel Ann and Jared came out from changing. “Yum, fish!” Jared said. They ate it all up.

The next day, Rachel Ann got up at 4:30 and went for a walk. She was walking along when she heard a pitiful whine. She went to see what it was and found a wounded mouse lemur! (She had studied what plants healed wounds) She came up slowly and took it back to where they were living. By that time, Sierra, Jared, and Kyle were up. They asked her where she had found it and she said she found it on a walk. She took some herbs and bandaged the wound. “What are you going to name him?” Sierra asked. “Dima”, she said. And that was its name. “Let’s go fishing”, Kyle said. “OK”, they said. “I’ll stay here with Dima”, Rachel Ann said, petting Dima who was now tame.

Kyle, Sierra, and Jared were fishing on the lake when Sierra felt a tug on her line. She tried to reel it in, but it only pulled more. Suddenly, with a big tug it pulled Sierra overboard. She disappeared for a minute but came to the surface struggling with a huge fish. “Will one of you guys help me?!” she shouted. “Sure”, Jared said, trying not to laugh. After a long struggle, they finally got it in the boat. “Well”, Kyle said, looking at the fish, which was 3 feet long, “I guess this is enough for supper…for a couple weeks.” “I should say so!” Jared said. They got back at lunchtime. Rachel Ann was waiting for them. “What a big fish!” she exclaimed. “It pulled Sierra overboard”, Jared said. “I’ll change into dry clothes”, Sierra said, going behind some bushes.

That night all was still. In the night, Jared heard a big rumble, he wondered what it was, but was too tired to see and soon fell back to sleep. He woke up to the smell of fish, and got up to eat breakfast. Jared tolled of the rumble he had heard, and wanted to see what it was, after breakfast. So after breakfast Jared left. He was walking along when he heard a roar like a baby lion’s roar and followed it. He found himself in a clearing with a bunch of rocks, and discovered that it was a rock slide. And farther up sat a baby lion looking very sad. Jared noticed that a small bunch of rocks were higher than the rest and discovered that the lion’s parents had been killed by the rock slide. He took the lion home and showed it to the others. “How did you find him?” Kyle asked and Jared explained about the rock slide. “What are you naming him?” Sierra questioned. “Leo” and that was the baby lion’s name from then on. “Now we have two pets!” Rachel Ann said, looking at the baby lion, who couldn’t decide whether not he could trust them.

The next day was cloudy and soon it began to rain. They had to move all their stuff into the shelter of the trees. Jared groaned, “What can we do on a day like this?” “Make things”, Sierra said. “Like what?” “Well, we need weapons, you could carve a bow and arrows, and we could also make a hammock”. “Okay”, Jared said, taking a pocket knife and beginning to carve a long stick.

Thankfully, the next day was sunny, so Kyle went for a walk. It was cool so he took a jacket. He was walking along when he was startled by a rustling sound above him. He looked up and saw a bear cub in the branches. He looked around hoping the parents were not close by, and saw two dead bears. He decided that they were its parents. Kyle knew it would die in the woods if he didn’t take it home with him. So Kyle climbed the tree and tried to catch it. It finally let him catch it so he brought it down and took it home.

When he got home they saw the bear cub and Jared said, “Another one!” “Yep”, Kyle replied, putting down the bear. “What’s this one’s name?” Rachel Ann asked. “Oh, I think Koko is a good name”, Kyle said. “Yes, it is a really good name.” Sierra said.

The next day Sierra went to pick berries. It was sunny, warm and beautiful, a perfect day for picking berries…or so she thought. She found a blackberry bush in the sun with big ripe berries. She started picking them when all of a sudden it started raining really hard, so she started running back to camp. She found a cave and since it was starting to hail, she went in. She was standing in the cave watching the storm when she heard a whimper behind her. She whirled around and saw five little wolf puppies beside their dead mother in the back of the cave. She walked forward carefully and knelt beside them. She wondered what had made the mother die so she felt in its fur. She suddenly felt something wet and sticky. She parted the fur and found a wound. She decided it was so small it had to be made by a hunter’s bullet. By that time it had stopped raining and hailing so she picked up the baby wolves and went back to camp.

When Rachel Ann, Kyle and Jared saw her their eyes almost popped out at all the wolf cubs she was holding. The cubs were so young they didn’t know to be scared of humans. “What are you going to name them?” Kyle asked. “Uhhh, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5”, Sierra said. Everyone laughed. “Now we have eight pets!’ Jared said.

Later Rachel Ann said, “Let’s invite Josie and Havela to visit; we haven’t seen them for a long time.” Everyone agreed.

The next story is about Havela and Josie coming over.
Hannah B.
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Re: The Wilderness Story

Post by Anna P on Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:30 pm

A very cute and fun read, tell your sister she is very creative, and she did a great job. Two thumbs up cheers
Anna P
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Re: The Wilderness Story

Post by Crystal Rose C. on Sat Sep 20, 2008 1:46 am

Yeah she is good at writing! I enjoyed it it was cute I'll read it to marish tomarrow!
Crystal Rose C.
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The whole thing!
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Re: The Wilderness Story

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